Giant Ghoul Spiders and swarming Ghoul Spider Babies, which are harder to target than most creatures. The odd Wraith.

And three hapless Vipers to guard Lucretia's Heart

The Monocle of Clarity, found at the end of the To Curse the Darkness multiplayer map

Werewolf Edit


Of the two Werewolf creatures in the game, one is skipped by taking Erik as a coterie member, and the other can be skipped by using Walk the Abyss to return from the Tower. Otherwise, it is at the front gate after Lucretia's Heart is obtained. Werewolves can do as much damage as a Vozhd, much faster. It can keep up with a character with Celerity, with its leaps, but then it has to stand still to swipe, so escaping inside is relatively easy, or even escaping to the Bridge Haven. It can maneuver quite easily up stairs, so it probably has the run of the entire East London outdoor zone, but it cannot move into any other location, so Indoor Locations like the Tower, Haven, Brothel, and the Underground to West London are safe.