The sanctum and sanctuary of Luther Black, the embraced priest. More than ever, in this intermittently sunlit location, coterie control is best managed by the player, which means disengaging the AI by blacking out the green dots next to Health and Blood bars. Just turn them back on again if there is trouble killing something solo. A source of Aggravated (Ivory Bow and Feral Claws) or Elemental damage (Lure of Flames spells, Greek Fire, flame arrows) is required to kill the Dark Hunters, as with the Wraiths before them, but the Lasombra Ghouls should be a pushover even in numbers. Some of their fighting dialogue "Stand and deliver", "Consider me in holy orders, I will relieve thee of thy surfeit of wealth", etc, reflects the named NPC with exactly the same look, called Highwayman, almost certainly an artifact from an earlier stage of development. Perhaps the ambush on the way to Vienna that occurs if Eric is not in the group was planned to be Highwaymen attacking.

The coin drops begin to be substantial here; 40-80 or so; the coins that are found in boxes are adjusted upwards also, making it preferable to receive coins rather than Antidotes, Silver Rings, and similar low-priced items.

The barred passage in Stephensdom 2 is opened with a series of five large stone 'buttons'. For the correct way to open the bars, highlight the invisible text below. A hint, though: it is not the sequence of buttons that matters as much as the timing. Hit the first four buttons from the left, and wait the fraction of a second until they begin to grind outwards again; as soon as they do, hit the final fifth button on the right

Christof's progress along the path of Humanitus:

Luther Black asks Christof to kill him. Christof the Catholic believes that killing oneself is murder of oneself, and refuses to take on this sin, and gains 10 Humanity points. Christof the Humanist who believes that the quality of life, not quantity, is sacred, and that relieving suffering is a virtue, does not gain points, but does not lose them either. The choice is additionally stacked against gaining points by the player having to choose the dialogue, "Nay. I shall not. Not even to regain Anezka",[1] as though answering this way might cause Christof to fail in his search for her

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  1. Sound file: Christof_21_1_773 V:tMR

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