Potence adds damage to close-combat attacks (melee weapons or fists)

There is a tactical continuum, usually hidden in class abilities, from most aggressive to most defensive, with damage and damage increase abilities at one end, and damage prevention and healing at the other.[1] Dead enemies do less damage; putting one's efforts into killing them first is preferental. When that strategy comes up short, evasive maneuevers is a good idea, and when that is not enough, there is Fortitude and other damage prevention.

Potence costs 20 Blood; less than Celerity, and it is more effective at increasing damage than Celerity's attack speed increase

Potence is only available in single player on characters that start with it; Brujah and Nosferatu in single- and multi-player get this skill. Not available as a Tome in single player, nor is it granted to any of the characters after storyline events. Christof, Wilhem, and Pink start with it, as does the Nosferatu Samuel

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