The player creating a multiplayer game has the Storyteller tools available. A single player can create a game in multiplayer mode. As long as there is a network available to play on; these days with down, this is done on third-party networks.

Storyteller mode is only active in multiplayer, as opposed to Console commands, which are inactive until enabled, but thenceforth can operate in both single and multiplayer., sponsored by the makers of the game, has been offline for years, but the online community revived, and there are new games operating on Tunngle as of late 2016. The Storyteller option is available to the player that creates a new game on LAN or online; LAN can also be run as a single player game.

Chronicle Edit

To Curse the Darkness Edit

Medieval Setting, Nosferatu dungeon and the Jewish Quarter of Prague

To Curse the Darkness text and screenshot playthrough by Gatz

Leaves of Three Edit

New York, all areas except for the Cathedral of Flesh

Leaves of Three text and screenshot playthrough by Gatz

Map Edit

Skin Edit

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