Stance Edit

It is important for first time players to note the difference between the stances immediately. Even the god-fearing Christof will set off on a murderous spree of killing innocents in Prague if this is set to Aggressive in town. Defensive characters initiate no action without commands. Neutral characters defend themselves if attacked, but will not move to attack enemies even if they are nearby.

Battle Edit

The keys F1 through F5 can be used to activate consumable or thrown items that are on the item quickbar.

Coterie control Edit

  • The green lights next to each party member can be turned off, leaving them standing in place; this is the only way to ensure they will not use their skills. The menu selections of Use Hotkey Disciplines Only et al do not work, and in fact coterie members are coded to use their disciplines inefficiently, routinely casting expensive disciplines like Celerity and Summon Soul at the end of combat, or against trivial enemies. This makes V:tM-R perhaps the only game where soloing is less of a challenge than a full party.

Incidental Edit

  • Combat can be maintained by holding the cursor and holding down the left mouse button; new attacks will not be made if the cursor is not over a target when the time comes for a new attack, but the cursor can leave the target in the meantime
  • No such thing as Adding (aka Bring a Friend); all enemies in V:tM-R only attack things in visual range, no matter if or how many of their allies are attacked or killed. This makes it easy for the Storyteller to place a lot of NPCs in a relatively small area, given sufficient blockages to line of sight. It makes Crowd Control spells like Awe and Mesmerize and Dread Gaze and other than Presence and Dominate users that will 'pull' players into line of sight of other enemies. STs using lots of NPCs in close proximity should put Awe and Mesmerize NPCs at the back of rooms, especially the Setites with their maximum-range field of vision.

Experience Points Edit

  • There are few respawning enemies; ones that do include Rats in the Silver Mines. However, the Shambling Hordes discipline gives XP every time the spell runs out and its target dies, and Awaken can be used on enemies to bring them back to fight again
  • Zero XP for NPCs that suicide (Grenade and Rocket Launcher users) or kill other NPCs on their team (the explosive Fire-based weapons, plus normal guns and bows)
  • Zero XP for Humans that die by being drained of all blood, whether hostiles such as Teutonic Knights, or neutral civilians, whether by Bleed or Theft of Vitae or Tongue of the Asp
  • Zero XP for creatures killed by environmental effects such as exploding barrels

Enemies can be Awakened and killed again if additional experience is needed.

There is a bug associated with leveling up to Methuselah AND drinking from Lucretia

Trivial Edit

  • Feral Claws will not affect the appearance or the light from a Flashlight in the left, shield hand

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