Setites have a unique Clan Discipline, Serpentis

All unarmed Setites unusually have 5 Bashing damage instead of 15 Aggravated. They have moderate physical resistances. Many are armed, but the thing that makes them toughest to fight is their Eyes of the Serpent skill; because it renders characters helpless, it would be fearsome indeed as a way to reduce the active coterie members to one, but instead they use it at random and spam the skill when it is broken by their melee attacks. They are the only clan to use such a Crowd Control skill effectively; the Ventrue and Giovanni and Tremere all use Dominate equivalents, but since those are based on generation, they usually fail, except for the Ventrue's fear-causing spell

Modern Setites have Fire resistance, from 40 to 100.

Setites can use (almost?) any weapon effectively, although they may hold two-handed weapons with one hand.

They have an unusually long visual range, and will move to attack immediately.

Setites will commonly run themselves out of blood with repeated and redundant castings of Eyes of the Serpent. Counter with Awe and Bleed, and they pop in fractions of a second. On the other hand, because they are more likely than other clans to hit low blood level, they are also more likely to perform the standard reaction to NPCs running out of blood: to Feed.

Code: setite

Named and Neophyte: 120 HP. 100 blood. 70 Humanity

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