Giovanni, Lasombra in Multiplayer, Malkavians in the tabletop version, Tremere, and Ventrue have this as one of their Clan Disciplines

In Redemption, the target is required to be of the same or lesser Generation, which would be completely unworkable if Redemption did not also allow vampires to decrease (make more powerful) their Generation. This drawback for Dominate, and advantages for Presence including a wider range of skills, greater values such as number of targets affected, and the trivial ease with which Appearance can be increased (with jewelery), render Dominate inferior to the similar Presence Discipline.

Tomes and DisciplinesEdit

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Wilhem receives Dominate after the encounter with Luther Black, after the party has left Stephensdom.

Christof and Lily receive it after the first encounter with Lucretia in the Setite Temple.

Command Edit

Blood Cost 5

Grants brief control of the target (Kindred of equal or higher gen)

Minimum 25 Manipulation


Blood Cost 10

Calls the targeted creature (Kindred of equal or higher gen) towards you

Min 35 Manipulation

The Forgetful MindEdit

Blood Cost 15

Creates dazed effect on target (Kindred of equal or higher gen)

Min 50 Wits


Blood Cost 20

Grants control of the targeted creature (Kindred of equal or higher gen)

Min 60 Charisma