Blood Healing Edit

Obviously, the one skill that characters must have.

Feed Edit

Feed is aided significantly by points in Wits

Blood Attribute Powers Edit

Damage Formulas show that these skills, commonly eschewed by players, may have some value that is more than sentimental or aesthetic

Blood Strength Edit

Strength adds to melee damage and is a requirement for Dark Ages Armor, Dark Ages weapons, and heavy Modern weapons such as Rocket Launcher.

Blood Dexterity Edit

Dexterity determines the chance to hit and to evade attacks

Blood Stamina Edit

Reduces incoming damage

Awaken Edit

Awaken : At very high levels, with more HP than Blood Healing can restore, Awaken turns very difficult combat, e.g. against Vukodlak into something very closely resembling that encountered against the superbosses in Final Fantasy games. Healing, which cannot fully restore health, becomes redundant, but resurrection is sufficient to keep the party intact, and restores the blood pool of the fallen as well.

Walk the Abyss Edit

Can be used to avoid the werewolf combat in London after the Tower of London