Christof Romuald

In this game, even NPCs have other Clan's Disciplines. Ventrue Prince Brandl does Tremere-only Blood Magic, and mere fledgling Ventrue minions have Shape of the Beast. Brujah Wilhem Streicher has Gangrel-only Protean straight out of the gate, and Christof gets it soon after. But by the end of the game, the only Clans Christof is not an honorary member of are Lasombra, Malkavian, Tremere and Tzimice... and he has Tomes to get both Tremere-only Disciplines too.

"Thou dost reason like a Greek sage"

Some characters are said to be the "voice of reason" in their company, but Christof puts them all to shame. He is the voice of a better way of life than just a reasonable one.

Becoming a vampire seems to suit Christof in some respects. If you are going to be the guy who makes everything just and fair, it helps to know you can make that happen whether or not the evildoers acquiesce.

Most villains are first asked politely to serve the greater good, in a quiet voice:

Lucretia: "tell us of thy shipping routes and free Lily of the bonds of blood. Then we shall part in peace"

Between the script writers and Nicholas Guest's Christof, he is National Public Radio's vocabulary and eloquence, a Classic Rock station's bombast, and a Smooth Jazz station's purr...sometimes, all at the same time.