"We Brujah are the philosophers of Caine's lineage. Where other Clans sought gold and trinkets, we sought pure wisdom. We sought to unravel the thorny knots that bind the very gates of Heaven. Are we damned? Nay, we are exalted! In fabled Carthage we lived in concordance with all mortals. Together we sought the secrets of Eden, that the children of Caine and the children of Seth might be raised up. But the hated Ventrue grew jealous of our power. The Patrician Clan betrayed us, and tried to destroy us. We survived, but Carthage did not. Despite this loss, we Promethians continue our search for harmony with all mortals."- Ecaterina the Wise, Prague, 12th Certury

In the more socially interactive live action roleplaying and tabletop versions of Vampire, Brujah are often the pawns of the Camarilla's scheming, but in Redemption, which is entirely combat oriented, they shine very brightly indeed.

Potence, Celerity, and the overwhelming Awe in Presence, make them one of the most powerful clans, second only to the sadly overpowered Tremere (Path of Blood's Theft of Vitae and Lure of Flames' Firestorm) and Wod-Mod Setites (Cobra form)

They require only one mental Attribute to be effective (Charisma is the sole determiner of successful casting of Awe). The rest of their points can be applied to Strength, the major determiner of damage output, Dexterity, the major determiner of hit chance, and Stamina, which reduces all damage

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