Azhra's Cathedral

The Bonn Silver Mines were a network of mines to the east of Prague, which supplied the city with silver during the time of the First Crusade. In 1141 A.D., Ahzra the Unliving invaded the mines with her army of Ghoul Rats, Szlachta, Premysyls and War Ghouls, killing some of the miners and putting the fear of death and the unnatural into the rest. Merchants from both within and without Prague found no silver for their goods, and their customers in turn, with privation ranging from aesthetic inconvenience to starvation as a result. The Szlachta infiltrated Prague, despite the guarded city gates. The threat of death was real enough to create true terror among the populace. The mines, the mining, commerce and the people were saved by a wounded Crusader named Christof Romuald. Christof descended into the mines and slew Ahzra, gaining him the attention, whether for fame or notoriety, of the leaders of mortals and vampire Clans alike.

Near the Surface Edit

Christof knows next to nothing of vampires; his ignorance allows the player easy laurels with which to reward their knowledge. He finds a corpse unmarked by any signs of violent struggle, with remnants of dried blood, and merely muses on this fact. A dog? he asks, when he meets his first Ghoul Rat.

Deep in the Mine Edit

Ahzra's Cathedral Edit

Ahzra Bite

Ahzra gets the drop on Christof thanks to her use of Hands of Destruction spells granted with a mod

Ahzra the Unliving

Besting many a foe and even encountering gigantic rats subservient to Ahzra, he eventually reached the lowest levels of the Bonn Silver Mines. There he was shocked and enraged by the presence of a demonic vestige reminiscent to a cathedral or another place of Christian worship. Ahzra emerges to accost her "ungrateful guest" with first scorn and then her talons, but falls to the determination of the Crusader.

Aftermath Edit

The people of Prague owed Christof their lives and their livelihoods, and they were more than grateful. Having purged the Bonn Silver Mines, Christof received cheers and praise from a spontaneous gathering of the people.

The Crusader's assault also stirred the Kindred of Prague and they were eager to either kill or Embrace Christof. The Brujah gained permission to make Christof a vampire before their enemies could kill him or embrace him themselves, and Christof became an invaluable, yet initially reluctant, asset to the Brujah.