Oversees his namesake Chantry in medieval Prague, whose entrance is ostensibly a simple apothecary in Golden Lane, locked until after the party kills the Golem and Serena joins.

Begins the transformation of Erik. Threatens the completion of a ritual prepared while he stalls for time, in the same way as Etrius later does, but nothing comes of it.

He is considerably better looking than the almost cartoonist Etrius and has a much better speech, his poetic, albeit slaveholding, admiration of Anezka reflecting a more relaxed attitude to slaver unlife than the workaholic Tremere dictator-slaver.

He is voiced by Dan Woren (EtriusJiri Borijov et al)

Abilities: Common: Blood Healing, Feed. Auspex: Heightened Senses Dominate: Mesmerize. Lure of Flames: Flame Ring ****, Immolate ***

300 HP, blood, XP

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