Christof's heart is won by a nun of great character before his Embrace.

But will all the trials and tribulations of his unlife, and hundreds of years of her imprisonment and corruption by his enemies, tear them apart?

Certainly Anezka is a wellspring upon which both Christof and his story draw deeply. But there is much paid back in kind, and not only by Christof himself. In fact, impassioned praise of her comes from all quarters: Ecaterina the Wise, her villainous Tremere captors Ardan and Etrius; even her rivals in love Serena and Lily have kind words for her.

Anezka Convent

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After Christof's visit to the Convent, Anezka sets out to achieve the goal that gives the game its name: the redemption of Christof the accursed vampire. At first she achieves unthinkable success, but gradually becomes more enmired in the Jyhad until finally she is little more than a victim.

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